Wei Xiaolin


Wei Xiaolin

Position: President

Mr Wei Xiaolin is the Director of Cherami Group and CEO of Guangzhou Cherami China-Africa Investment Management Company Limited. Mr Wei has years of work experience in various law firms and used to be a lecturer of North Minzu University and the Dean of Law department of Nanhua Commercial and Industrial College. Afterward, he became the Director of Labor Relation’s Institute.

In 2013, Mr Wei co-founded Guangzhou Cherami Investment Management Co. Ltd (Cherami Group) and served as the Director of the Group and the President of Sun Tour Investment Management Co. Ltd which is the PE Fund Management subsidiary of Cherami Group. In 2017, he became the President and Director of Guangzhou Cherami China-Africa Investment Management Company Limited and later the President of Cherami Africa Limited in 2018. Since Cherami Africa Limited was founded, he has implemented projects in Africa such as Ogun Guangdong Free Trade Zone in Nigeria and Africa Economic Zone in Kenya.

Mr. Wei has a Bachelor of Law from Fudan University, Master of Economics in Sun Yat-Sen University, visiting scholar of University of Warwick. He is proficient in both Chinese and international law system, experienced in overseas investment and international business cooperation. He excels in capital operation, transaction structure design, company management, risk control and offshore trust planning.