Anthony Gichuru


Anthony Gichuru

Anthony is a successful entrepreneur with investments across ICT, media & entertainment, agriculture, transport, real estate development, retail and hospitality. He currently serves as a non-executive Director in various Companies locally and internationally. He brings on board a decade of experience in management of the Kenya Bus Services and more decades in business and strategy developments for various organizations. In ICT, he has been on the front line of investing and developing wi-max networks for public data networks services and internet service provision nationally.

As an accomplished economist and strategist, Anthony is exceptional in business development; contract and deal creation, strategic partnership negotiation, market development and growth and leadership.


Alongside managing various interests, Anthony has worked closely with a number of local and international companies, including the Africa Venture Capital Partners Ltd, Capital Funds of Uganda, Squid Card UK Ltd, the National Cooperative Housing Union and CIC Insurance. He has also invested in the fintech industry, providing much needed financial deepening via mobile and online access.


Anthony holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from the University of Warwick.